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Nothing gets a venue pumping like live music blasting through a roaring PA system. All the Sparks artists were born to perform! They truly live the life of entertainers and want nothing more than to leave their fans screaming for more. Their professionalism and musical genius is clearly exemplified in their performances. To organize a performance contact Brian Sparks at 734-560-5040.


Are you an artist too? At Sparks Entertainment we love to see great musicians combining their talent to create one of a kind masterpieces. Working with another respected artist is a great way to expand your arsenal of musical creativity and to get a truly unique sound that wouldn't be possible alone. If you are interested in working with one of the Sparks Entertainment artists, call Brian Sparks at 734-560-5040.


Sparks Ent. has teamed up with a great production company and studio, Deep Productions. Deep Productions is the award winning studio that produced Plies on multiple gold albums and hit singles. For any more information about this popular studio click here.

Model Management

We can help you find new work, with companies that pay well, meet your standards, and care about your comfortability. Sparks Entertainment cares about making our clients happy. We do the leg work and make it possible for our models to be happy and love the gigs they're getting into. To inquire about model management, call Brian Sparks at 734-560-5040.


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    March 14, 2012 6:53 pmPosted 5 years ago
    Don-P aka Don Prada

    I was just browing threw your site and i noticed tht you have nice talent with the artist on here. I am also an upcoming artist out of Odessa, Texas looking for that chance to dazzle the crowd and keep the party jumpin! If you are interested or would like to hear some of my latest work feel free to email me and ill let you hear some of it with no problem. I promise you that you wont be dissapointed!!

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      March 20, 2012 6:51 pmPosted 5 years ago
      sparks (Author)

      Thank you for your post, we do not have your email address, feel free to contact us at


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