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Lyrix (Sparks Entertainment)


Some know her to be Danielle, while others call her Rookie. Lyrix became a fan of hip-hop since the day she knew how to turn on a radio. Growing up was with a single mother and no father and a jock for a brother. Lyrix became a black sheep of the family. Always breaking rules and pushing limits at any cause she could kept her in and out of public schools. Man the 90's were good Lyrix states. "I was always on the move growing up and nothing's changed thus far she laughs and further states growing up I was hard headed and chose to learn things on my own. Through the good the bad and the ugly.

Music was my only Love and reality" It wasn't too long until trouble with the law finally caught up with the Dreamer. Lyrix just turning 14 with charges pressed and no way out. Her mother sighed off all rights to the juvenile system. From placement to placement she traveled with hardly any access to music. She began finding a new piece of mind in writing in a journal where she kept her stories and poetry based on day to day life in the system. When released at the age of 17 finally free Lyrix known as rookie at the time was than introduced to Stilettos night club in Inkster MI where Alana, owner of Stilettos took the rookie under her wing showing her knowledge of the business. There she found the stage with a talent for dancing and entertainment of all kinds. Able to express her love for music she crossed paths with a crew of DJs straight outta Southwest Detroit known as Don't Stop Productions. Who later gave the rookie a spot on the team and a place to call home. DJ illusion and DJ Uneek later challenged the rookie's poetry, talent and skill when challenged to use 32 chosen words and a beat provided to create Don't Stops Anthem. The Rookie was successful. That very same moment is when she was renamed Lyrix.

Five years later, now 22 with plenty of time on the streets and practice. Lyrix started recording in a studio with producer K.o "infamous 88 records" A team of all guys and Lyrix being the only girl was that taught the basics of the booth. Still grinding hard and with dedication letting nothing stop her. Lyrix now 24 under sparks entertainment released her first CD "Turn The Volume Up" in March of 2011. With a fan base growing and success on her release date Lyrix the female rapper from the Great Lakes Tells the people "Music not only saved my life but the art the culture and the dream behind hip hop is what makes me proud to make music myself and be a part of the dream. So my grind my hustle is my way of life it is what I love and know" Biggie smalls said it best when he said "Sky is the limit" As an artist I intend to do for the people what biggie smalls and 2pac did for me. I am working with other talented artist, as well as solid team and Brian Sparks who is a great manager. In this life I live you either stand for something or die for nothing. Over here at Sparks Entertainment "The good Fly young" so tune in a join the movement and rise to the occasion of the AMERICAN DREAM. - Lyrix

Everyone tells a story. Well here's mine! Shout out to anyone at my Celebration March 25th!


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  • March 16, 2011 11:52 pmPosted 6 years ago
    Brian Sparks (Manager)

    Lyrix has hot lirics, litterally…she can flow for days. and rap for months. But dont under estimate her business skills, and how hard she actually works each day! She’s going a long way!

  • April 5, 2011 11:16 amPosted 6 years ago
    Mr. RippY-ALL-OUT

    I see you Lyrix keep doin yo THANG AYE………………

  • Visit site
    May 22, 2011 12:24 amPosted 6 years ago

    So proud of you Rook…proud that you have stayed focused and have never let anyone nor anything stop you from following your dream. I admire your determination!!…Love you always and you will forever have the support from us!!


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