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The Team:

From: Garden City, MI.
BIO: Brian Sparks, Born - November 26th 1986, Westland, MI.

Brian Sparks, young entreprenuar, is in the process of building his own empire, and he is quickly succeeding. He has recently formed a music management/recording company, Sparks Ent, and plans on taking it to the top. The company is currently composed of Brian Sparks, Jason Melasi, J.R. Rodarte, Xavier Bronaugh, Taevin Thomas, Gary Wedell, and Lyrix Stafford. Brian has had a passion for music since he was about 7-8 years old. Ever since, he has made it a goal to succeed in the music industry, while exposing other artists' talents.

Brian has also added a management service to the company to provide and manage Models. 734-560-5040
Contact Info: You can E-Mail Brian Sparks @, Phone: 734-560-5040

VP Business/Marketing
From: Fenton, MI.
Contact Info: 734-560-5040 or 810-625-8630

VP Communications/SECURITY
From: Garden City, MI.
Contact Info: 734-560-5040

Alex Smith

Brian Sparks Sr

Taryn Sparks

JR Rodarte

Christian Kisic


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    June 28, 2011 5:01 pmPosted 6 years ago
    James Dauphine

    Is Taevin Thomas under contract with your company or is he free to work with others. I am very interested in employing him for future projects and have searched the web and am confused as to whether or not he is under contract with anyone. Please let me know how I can contact him or his representative if possible.

    Thank You,

    James Dauphine

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    August 30, 2012 9:25 pmPosted 5 years ago
    Glenn Taylor

    Linda works with my brother Mike Taylor and she told me to let you know that she referred me to you and that you might help me with my original music ! I write and play all the instruments on most of my songs .I have a song that was played on the radio it”s a Christmas song .I have 37 songs copy written and I need some help trying to get them out there to make some kind of deal. sell the writes or royalties but,I need to know somebody that will help me please write me back thank you! Glenn


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